The Russian Campaign: Series II (1985)

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This Edition: 1985 (Jedko Games, Australia)


Russian Campaign Series II enables you to relive "Operation Barbarossa", the German invasion of Russia. In June 1941, over 3 million veteran German soldiers began a blitzkrieg style invasion against 2 million Russian defenders. The game covers all the action of the Eastern front from the fantastic initial advance.

As the Russian player can YOU slow the Germans with an effective fighting withdrawal and assisted by partisans and the weather launch counterattacks, hold key cities and reverse the tide of war? As the German player can YOU conquer the vast hinderland of Russia, and take the Kremlin or will the Russian winter stop you at the gates of Moscow?

Russian Campaign has been universally acclaimed as one of the finest war games around, and was awarded BEST GAME OF THE YEAR by Campaign Magazine in 1976!


1-2 Players

90 mins+



Full coloured mounted mapboard (3 pieces)

Over 200 counter units


Weather & Order of Battle Charts

Storage Tray




Box torn on one corner, but all gameplay pieces in good condition.


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