The Simpsons Board Game (2000)

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This Edition: 2000

With seven different games playing simultaneously on one board, each with its own set of rules, the Simpsons Board Game is a hilariously funny, fast paced, non-stop action board game!

You never know where you will be sent, you could find yourself clocking into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant or taking part in a Springfield Elementary School field trip. You may visit the Kwik-E-Mart, take Principal Skinner's IQ Test, perform Karaoke at Moe's Tavern or even be elected Mayor, giving you control over all other players!

At the Centre of the board and the centre of the action is The Simpsons' family room. As you perform assorted tasks and stunts, you are issued tokens, which you deposit on the front room carpet. When the carpet is full, the game is over and the winner is the player with the most tokens!

A great fun family game of tactics, luck and performing ability.


2-6 Players

Ages: 8+



1 Playing Board

1 Spinner

1 Die


6 Playing pieces each with stand

108 Tokens

50 Moe's Karaoke Cards

50 Principal Skinner IQ Test Cards



Board game comes in its original box, with the inner red plastic filler still in place.

Edges of the box have been bumped in places, but not torn and still rigid. Board has had slight damage from being folded up incorrectly.

Of the 108 playing tokens, 2 were missing (1 Abe Simpson Red Token; 1 Homer Simpson Blue Token). These have been replaced with 2 plastic counters (1 red; 1 blue).


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