Booklover Program

donnyBOOKS Booklover Program

We want to reward you with free books!

The donnyBOOKS Booklover Program (our form of loyalty program) offers a 5% rebate on most purchases—including books, comics,

games, puzzles, special orders, sale items and gifts.

The program is simple. We calculate 5% of the value of each purchase (with some exclusions), and add it to your customer profile as

a dollar amount that can be used as a discount on future purchases.



What do I get?

A full 5% rebate on every dollar spent at donnyBOOKS, every day and on most stock (there are some exceptions), including sale items. 

Who can sign up?

Anyone! There’s no fee and no minimum purchase.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Our booksellers can quickly sign you up in store to commence accruing a loyalty balance on the spot. We’ll record today’s

and all future purchases. You can also sign up by creating a customer login for our website. If you have already created a customer

login, congratulations, you have already registered!

Does the loyalty balance expire?

Yes. Loyalty balances expire 12 months from the date of its respective transaction.

Why do you need my details?

We need your full name and a means of contact to confirm your identity at the time of purchase to ensure loyalty dollars are not

redeemed by anyone else accidently. We may also in future seek to let you know about specific books, events & promotions that we

believe may be of interest to you. Your address, telephone number and email details are kept confidential and will not be passed on

to anyone. For more information, please see our policies page.

If you do not want to receive emails from us, please let us know in-store.

How do you record my purchases?

Customers are responsible for identifying themselves as members at the time of purchase. No card will be issued – your name and

phone number are otherwise sufficient.

 What if I forgot to mention my Booklover membership last time I shopped at donnyBOOKS?

It is your responsibility to give us your name at time of purchase, as we cannot allocate purchases retrospectively.

 What is not included in the program?

Loyalty balances cannot be used towards the purchase of, or in addition to the redemption of gift vouchers. Costs included in

postage/handling do not accrue a loyalty balance. Some stock earmarked as 'clearance items' will not be accruing a balance

(i.e. $1 Clearance Books). Reward credits cannot be used towards a lay-by, or to pay an account. 

Any other questions?

Please ask any of our staff to help you. You can also contact us in store, or via our contact details page.



donnyBOOKS reserves the right to withdraw this loyalty program or to alter all or any of the conditions without prior notice. 


These conditions are valid as at 17 February, 2021.