About Us

In 2021, donnyBOOKS celebrates 10 years of independent bookselling. One of WA's South West's finest independent bookshops (or at least we believe we are), donnyBOOKS first opened in 2011 in the fruit growing hub of Donnybrook, and has been organically growing ever since. We consider ourselves a book haven, a favourite meeting place and a destination for booklovers across the South West and beyond.


The staff of donnyBOOKS are great readers with a passion for books of all kinds. We love connecting readers with books, and we love a challenge. Let us help you find special gifts, obscure titles, personalized picks, book club recommendations, or that title or author’s name you’ve forgotten. We want to help you find your next great read or that perfect present.

We carry an extensive and personally curated range of new and pre-read books, comics, new and pre-loved board games, jigsaw puzzles and more - with a strong focus on storytelling as the core of everything we do. We want our store to be a family friendly and uplifting sanctuary to share and discuss ideas and promote the enjoyment of reading in all its forms. Our store is well organized, cosy and welcoming.

donnyBOOKS prides itself on a high level of customer service. If you can’t find what you need on our shelves or on our site, we’re always happy to attempt to locate and order tricky titles.