Mission & Vision

donnyBOOKS firmly believes that books and literature are more than simply a combination of ink, glue and paper, but they represent so much more than this. We also believe that every book that you haven't read, is still a new book. Words have power; stories hold and transfer both the knowledge and aspirations of individuals and communities alike. The act of reading, is therefore not merely just an enjoyable means of escapism; it is transformative.


As such, donnyBOOKS strives to be a positive platform within a community of storytellers and book lovers alike. It is our mission to share and to promote the love of reading beyond the four walls of our brick & mortar store. We want to achieve this, by being a for-profit small business, with a big purpose. We believe that books do not have to cost the earth, and that everyone deserves access to literacy; literacy which should be low cost and high access. We seek to rescue/divert books away from landfill and humbly accept donations of books. We aim to respect and make them saleable, and to redistibute them within a community of eager readers that long to still learn from them. Finally, we want to respect and responsibly recycle those titles which are no longer in a readable state.


We thusly aim to have a physical store which houses books to:

* Entertain,

* Enlighten and inspire,

* Encourage, and;

* to occasionally Challenge

We think there is something wonderful and profoundly necessary to be able to read something that is found to be disagreeable. We want to be a haven for ideas, that not necessary promotes ideals which are not popular at the time, but to promote a safe space to explore and challenge pre-conceptions. We seek to provide a family friendly and uplifting bookstore, but we reserve the right to occasionally challenge our readers in some way, shape or form.


Our philosophy also extends beyond books and into other avenues of storytelling. Many pre-loved and now out-of-print board games and jigsaw puzzles deserve another turn. Comics can be re-read by those yet to discover the wonder to be gleaned from the artistry within their pages. There is an inherent responsibility to find homes for these stories, once their current owners have benefited from them.


We look forward to you discovering, and returning to donnyBOOKS soon,

Graham & Natalie Ladyman